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Step Behind the Velvet Rope – Exclusive Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation Membership Awaits.


Step into the spotlight with your 2024 Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival (GCUFF) Membership! This is your all-access pass to a year filled with exclusive film experiences, where culture is celebrated and every story is focused on bringing new perspectives to light. Here's how to unlock your cinematic journey:


  • Choose Your Adventure: Pick the membership level that best suits your cinematic cravings. Each tier offers unique benefits tailored to enhance your film festival experience.

  • Unlock Exclusive Benefits: From priority booking to discounts on events and merchandise, your membership opens the door to a world of exclusive perks.

  • Dive into the Culture: Gain early access to screenings, special member-only events, and opportunities to meet filmmakers and artists. It's your front-row ticket to the heart of urban storytelling.

  • Support and Celebrate Diversity: Your membership not only enriches your life with film but also supports our mission to showcase diverse voices and stories that resonate.

  • Stay Connected: Receive regular updates and insider news with our member-exclusive newsletter. Be the first to know what's happening in the GCUFF community.

Join us as a GCUFF member for 2024 and be part of a vibrant community that's passionate about film, culture, and connection. Let's celebrate the power of storytelling together!

Membership Terms and Conditions


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