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Why Black Films Matter?

GCUFF has aimed to support independent voices in the film industry by providing a platform to showcase quality content by and about people of color.

So, why are black indie films and filmmakers important? Historically, most black films produced each year have not come from Hollywood. GCUFF and other Black Film Festivals have continued to provide a cinematic space for independent films that is culturally diverse and relevant to our stories.

Our Black Films Matter theme sheds light on the fact that our stories have always mattered, and should be acknowledged, celebrated, and shared. Their rich content is reflected in a collection of over 70+ feature films, shorts, animations, and documentaries that will be streamed virtually and in a drive-in setting for over 9 days.

There will also be virtual discussions with filmmakers and other special guests who address the importance of films of color and how they contribute to sharing ideas about our culture presently and from our past.

In this era of social consciousness, GCUFF is pleased to see others in the film industry also acknowledging that Black Films “do matter”. Streaming giants such as Netflix with over 182 billion subscribers has launched the Black Lives Matter Category, ‘Black Storytelling Matters’ that is curating dozens of films and television series created by black storytellers under the label to continue highlighting media about the Black experience.