Provide a platform for talented and unique independent filmmakers to showcase their work.

Provide educational opportunities that encourage and inspire those who are interested in pursuing a career in the film industry. Foster a deeper appreciation for the arts.



The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation (GCUFF) was started as a grassroots organization that came together to create a platform and venue to highlight films, filmmakers, actors and other industry executives of color.

In all of our programming, we work to showcase remarkable independent cinema, celebrate underrepresented voices, support professionals from minority communities, and bring international artists in contact with audiences. The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation organizes the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival and provides an array of educational, workforce and professional development programs throughout the year.


The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival was created with the artistic vision to present and expose the work of emerging talents and established artists who are contributing to the cinematic legacy as well as celebrating urban culture. GCUFF showcases minority films, which reinforce positive images and dispel negative stereotypes. The film festival provides a forum for the work of diverse filmmakers to be viewed and discussed. In addition to its cinematic showcases, GCUFF nurtures its attendees in a variety of disciplines, offering panel discussions, workshops and symposiums.

A portion of the film festival is dedicated to Greater Cleveland area youth by showcasing films and panel discussions that allow them to learn the craft and respond to the film subject matter in a healthy, confident and empowered manner.


The GCUFF Youth Film Program goal is to teach a group of 5-12 teenage students the process of taking a film from script to screen like a professional and to showcase the talent of local youth in our community. With the help and assistance of experienced filmmakers, the students will write a screenplay and produce a short film or documentary which will be shown at the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival. We will also submit the film/documentary to other film festivals with the hopes of inspiring more teens to get involved in film industry. The Youth Film Program is currently housed at the East Cleveland Public Library on Saturdays from October to June.


1 – To expose our youth to the opportunities in the film industry
2 – To teach our youth how to produce a short film or documentary
3 – To impart practical hands-on training in a variety of film-related careers
4 – To make it fun to learn
5 – To expose youth to the creative filmmaking process in a unique setting
6 – To provide a vehicle for professionals in the region to mentor kids (corporate volunteers)
7 – To impact the marketing efforts of companies as they try to attract our youth to the art of film production


Provide an “out of school” opportunity to learn the art of script and film production
Increase the number of youth who participate in the program.
Put infrastructure in place to take the students’ projects to film festivals or place them in an “idea bank” for future development.
Enable participating students to write, direct, produce, and edit a short film, commercial, music video or documentary
Track the progress of all participating students by points earned, assignment completion, attendance, report cards, how many return to volunteer, and how many choose a course of study in the film industry.

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation

The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation enriches Black culture through Cinema. We connect communities in reflecting the history, celebrating, and sharing the richness of the African Diaspora, by providing an educational platform and showcase for filmmakers.


Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation envisions a deepened change, appreciation and understanding of Black culture by increasing the number of educational and economic opportunities for Black artists and affiliated professionals.