The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation (GCUFF) established in 2012,  is a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation dedicated to celebration, preservation, promotion, and advancement of African American arts, culture, and cinema.

Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation envisions a deepened change, appreciation, and understanding of Black culture by increasing the number of educational and economic opportunities for Black artists and affiliated professionals.

The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation enriches Black culture through Cinema. We connect communities in reflecting the history, celebrating, and sharing the richness of the African Diaspora, by providing an educational platform and showcase for filmmakers.


Provide a platform for talented and unique independent filmmakers to showcase their work. Provide educational opportunities that encourage and inspire those who are interested in pursuing a career in the film industry. Foster a deeper appreciation for the arts.



The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation (GCUFF) was started as a grassroots organization that came together to create a platform and venue to highlight films, filmmakers, actors and other industry executives of color.

In all of our programming, we work to showcase remarkable independent cinema, celebrate underrepresented voices, support professionals from minority communities, and bring international artists in contact with audiences. 


Key Programs: The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Foundation’s primary programs include:


Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival - The Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival is the largest event and signature program. The 9-day event provides a forum for the work of diverse filmmakers to be viewed and discussed. In addition to its cinematic showcases, GCUFF nurtures its attendees in a variety of disciplines, offering panel discussions, workshops and symposiums.


GCUFF Black Cinema Café New in  2021. A monthly event beginning in May. This is in partnership with a local Café for screening Indie Black Films. The screenings will take place the 4th Friday of each month and offer an intimate viewing experience.

Educational Youth Initiatives: 


GCUFF Links youth filmmaking mentorship program -This intensive mentorship program, led by Student Film Workshop Coordinator, takes a group of high school students through the process of creating their own original film works over the course of a school year. Resulting films are showcased during the Greater Cleveland Urban Film Festival.


GCUFF "Hollywood Kids": This is a hands-on participatory learning experience for younger children, ages 6-12, where local film professionals create fun opportunities for experiential learning. Students of various ages get "behind-the-scenes" viewpoints on working as actors or crew helpers on films directed by local filmmakers.

GCUFF College Film Student Symposium: A collaboration with Cuyahoga Community College's School of Film and Media Arts, the annual student symposium provides a forum for exchange of creative work and ideas amongst college students from across the region. The annual student symposium not only connects students to one another, it provides students an opportunity to learn about educational resources from a variety of area colleges and universities.